Fall Frolic is the time of the year which is a preamble to all the end of year holidays. In certain parts of the states it is markedly noticeable as leaves start to change from green to red to orange until they decimate to nothingness. In some parts telltale signs are a bountiful harvest, in others, coats get dusted off and in less fortunate warmer zones one just get a whiff of a spiced beverage at the corner coffee bar. During this period, some will get the bug to decorate or do a home refresh in preparation for the season.

Decorating for the fall holidays doesn't necessarily mean running for the pumpkin patch and the nearest crafts store for a glue gun. Fall decorations can exude elegance, humor and warmth without it being the kind of kitsch fit for a witch's lair. 

Decorating for fall, means embracing the colors of the earth and weaving them throughout your interiors. The beautiful thing is that most colors emanating from the earth can be mixed in with other colors easily. For example, a splash of orange in a tan and brown combination can be quite stylish. A bit of rich crimson can give life to bottle green and amber. Even neutrals such as gray, beige or greige can be accented with a fall color.

Hallways, doorways and rooms are always an inviting place for candles and candelabra. The special shimmer and play of lights upon the walls are enough to set a mysterious mood. There are so many candelabra made from different materials to suit your fancy. From wrought iron and metals to beautifully cut crystal.

Selecting the scent of your candle is another detail which makes a difference in the decor of a home. I prefer citrus scents in the south, and scents that are more perfume based in colder climates. I just have one pet peeve with regards to candles. Do not place a fragrant candles near a dining room... it will change your dining experience to an unpleasant occasion.

Less is more. A simple grouping of seasonal vegetables, and gourds in baskets or large glass containers are sure to bring the warmth of the season or an interesting wood branches or grape vines make for an earthy centerpiece for your table.

A hint of yesteryear which harkens back to Victorian times are groups of feathers in a vase or porcelain receptacle. Peacock feathers have long been used in decoration for a touch of the exotic and the occult.

Time to pull out all your different pillows. Pillows everywhere. Although pillows are meant for comfort primarily, their decorative value sometimes surpasses their comfort. 

Pillows made from velvet, laces, antique fabrics and even tapestries and old rugs. Create graphic combinations to throw on your sofa. Mix pairs of solids with single printed ones, and vice versa. Be more daring yet, and combine patterns upon patterns for a boho-chic feel to go with the pumpkin spice latte

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